Holy Shit!!!!

I HAD AN INFKNGTENSE episode with She’s Got Balls today!!!! Holy shit!!!!

I left for work today and when I started the truck up Little Lover queued up. ——ahhhhhh—-how wonderful n nice was that?? Yeah??? That’s what I thought until I turned onto Summit and all of a sudden
She’s Got Balls fired up!!!

Yikes!!! It got me!!! Got me good!!!!

Ahhhh that guitar. Geez Mal. Ooohhhh he just 
They just. It just

It just got me. 

It was quiet. Empty road. The window cracked a little bit so a nice breeze coming in. Malcolm was giving me all of his glorious rhythmic wonder. It was hypnotic and relaxing and invigorating and sexy and calming and motivating and arousing all at the same time! It was incredible!!!
The acoustics ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Plus no distractions from traffic. Just pure uninterrupted splendor.

Malcolm and Mark

I got both knees goin–one for each.

Then Phil attaches himself to me up top.






He just

Gets me

Ya know?

Then Bon

He’s all 



A man

And he’s just layin it out

Hannnds n kneees

All across the floor

No one has to tell her what a feller is forrrrr!!!!

Then all of em!!! All of their voices pipe in together and mix with that beautiful incredible sound and

My ladys got

She’s got ballllllls

Lemme tell ya

She’s got balllllls

But mossst important of allllll

She’s got balllllls

Ahhhh oh man!!!! It was SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Super weird tho cuz i posted this song the other day on my fb feed cuz i just happened to think of the song as we were sitting there watching tv. 
Then BAM 

There it was!!

Saturday, March 25


Author: Fran Robinson

acdc lover

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