Angus Day

Today is Angus’ birthday!!! It oughta be a damn holiday!! InterNational Angus Day

 No school. 

All the banks closed.

Parades n fireworks n all that shit. 

Every car on the street blasting out power riffs.

All the little children wearing VELVET❤️️

Grandma n grandpa playin acdc videos all damn day. 

All the tribute bands playing festivals all across the land.


Anyway. Yes. TODAY I’m sending out the first of the query letters —gna send out a BIGGG WHOPPINNNG


>>>> 3

Don’t laugh. This shit takes TIME

You can’t Rush Greatness

Oh and I think I’m going to post an entry from my book. And when I do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I Would like some damn feedback. 

Don’t be shy

I want to hear from you!

I know i’m a complete dumbass but lets have some fun!


Author: Fran Robinson

acdc lover

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