All the World Should Know!

What would YOU say to your most looked up to and admired hero or idol? Would you just tell them how great they are and how much you admire them? Like everyone else does? Or would you ask intriguing never asked before questions about themselves so you could extract every last drop?

Are you just as interesting to them as they are to you? Could you make a lasting impression on them? Would they remember you? Or Would you just fade away into their lost and unimportant memories forever?

When I bought my very first black n white composition notebook in 1991 I got it for the sole purpose of filling it with proof of my existence and dreamt of giving it to Angus because I thought it was important that he know me.

What do you expect!? I know it sounds silly but I was 22 years old and my soul had been awakened! I had been introduced to my own sexuality and I was freshly, madly in love with that incredible acdc sound!

Yes damn right he’s gonna know me!! 

It’s 5:50 am and High Voltage is on, oh man what a great tune, plus it’s this live bootleg. I’m strapped into my headphones, which were dangling around my neck when I woke up at 4:45 – musta slipped off last night. The ipod was still on play actually. haha.

So it’s pre-dawn and High Voltage from that Nijmagen Holland boot is on. I’m really developing a soft spot for ALL High Voltage live versions.

Anyway, back to why I’m here.

Yesterday I was trying to finish my Chapter Summary for my Book Proposal and yes it’s impossible! There aren’t any damn “Chapters,” just years n years of writing my silly entries.

But as I was researching I came across Anais Nin. Out of curiosity I began reading about her since I only knew a bare minimum about who n what she was all about. What caught my eye was a review of one of her diary volumes which said how she was inspired by D.H. Lawrence, “Whose writing she felt had so profoundly changed her life that she wanted to pay homage to him”. Anais had written, “And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them.”


That pretty much sums up me, this and what it all has been about.

So that whole entire sentence coupled with the word HOMAGE.


Got me to thinking ….

This Diary, since 1991, even tho it was silly daydreams, what I was doing? Essentially, I had been all along, writing TO Angus and just hoping someday, maybe….

he would read it.


Guess what?
He did!

Dang if that ain’t the universe?

I think things happen for a reason and this??? 

Most definitely has ALL been for a reason, 

Angus is so damn phenomenal and I wanna pay my homage to this beautiful man for all the world to know.


Author: Fran Robinson

acdc lover

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