Believe in Your Dreams

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When I was 12 years old, I saw the words “Bon Scott” spray painted in black graffiti on a water tower from the window of my seventh grade history class. What seemed to be a meaningless observation was actually my life’s foreshadowing. Who and what I would become later in life would be very much influenced by this person and who he was associated with. 

Eight years later on a sweltering hot September afternoon, I saw acdc live in concert from the very front row. They appeared on that stage and the rest of my life in that instant >>>> began. 

There I was gripping the fence just a few feet from the stage looking at these magnificent human beings with a look of awe spread across my face.

And the Music! It was so incredibly LOUD. Shaking the sky loose loud and so strong, it felt like a velvet lined cloud encasing me in warmth yet gripping and grabbing ahold of me and jolting my ass alive!  

That pounding music penetrated into the most inner depths of my soul and set me on fire! The energy generated from the sound of those instruments fusing together was like a vibrating pulse of quivering ecstasy! It was a complete eye opening to what being a woman was all about. Oh wow was it INTENSE!

This new deal? This acdc thing? Whatever it is was now the only thing that mattered. The life that I had known was now firmly behind me.

Angus was unimaginably enchanting and watching him was like nothing I had ever experienced — NOTHING

My mouth remained open, my eyes refusing to blink for fear of missing even a nano millisecond of this unbelievable man! Angus was running about, flowing hair flying behind him, bending and twisting himself into a frenetic spasm of euphoria. 

However, amid this stimulating awakening to my own desires, there was also a crowd induced drunken frenzy brewing, and yes, unfortunately the hot sun and overindulgence of alcohol created a stirring pot within this overheated mob, and it got very ugly.

And when the ugliness of the crowd erupted into a scary and confusing bout of violent, disrespectful behavior, and unbelievable assholery toward the band, Malcolm and Angus Young, these two extraordinary brothers, strode to the front of that stage and stuck out their chins. They faced that mayhem head on by standing up stronger and taller with a piercing look of defiance in their eyes. This is the moment I fell in love with acdc, and Angus Young became my hero.

The impact on me was so profound and was such an incredible experience I wanted to leap about the air like a lovestruck cartoon character!

All my life until this point I lived with self-consciousness and doubt, hiding myself inside a shell. I worried about what others would think of me. 

Feelings of insecurity and being ugly influenced my outward demeanor, and I saw myself as inadequate and invisible which of course dictated who I was and how I reacted to life.

Believe it or not, acdc made me realize how to finally accept me for who I was and not to care what anyone thinks. To just to be who I am and if they didn’t like it, fuck em.

And at that moment witnessing how they themselves reacted to an extremely negative and scary situation I came to realize I wasn’t just looking at a rock band, I was watching greatness. I was overcome with these sensational feelings of gratitude for them and I grew the utmost respect for each of these five men standing in front of me and I was blooming with inspiration. 

I knew almost nothing of the Young brothers on that day, but I would soon learn about their incredible badass attitudes toward life and how both did things their own way. Never quitting, each devoting his entire life to giving 100% no matter what adversity they faced or what critics had to say.

Not long after that life-altering concert I put all my inspiration into writing in a diary, and I had this crazy daydream of Angus knowing me. I fantasized about him someday reading it.

I wrote thousands of words, drew silly pictures, told him all of my embarrassing stories. Everything I could possibly say and as intimately as I could. He must! He must know I existed!

Everyone always asks me when I talk starry-eyed about the magnificence of Angus, “Why do you love him so much?” I trip over my own damn tongue because I can’t spit out the words quickly enough or even sound coherent because my thoughts all leap to the front of my head too fast and I sound like a jibbering twelve year old. I’M A GROWN ADULT! I have a husband, a career, my goodness I even have grandkids!

Decades have gone by now, and through all the trials and tribulations life has thrown at me I never gave into abandoning my affection and dedication to them. Acdc somehow made me self-assured and confident and grew me into the uninhibited woman that I have become.  
I have lived a joyous, pleasure filled existence.

And oh wow.

After many years of attempts, failures, and persistence my foreshadowed destiny finally connected with my dreams and I achieved my greatest goal.

I stood face to face with this magnificent man and personally placed my 460 page, two and a half pound diary directly into his wee tiny hands.

A phenomenal day indeed. 

Not only that but months later I received personal confirmation from both Angus and his wife Ellen that Angus did indeed read my diary! 

My dream had come true. 

He does now know I exist!

As I have grown older, my affection and dedication to them remains. And here I am! Still gushing about my love affair with this beautiful sound that fills my ears with joy and my heart with passion!!!

Self-acceptance, finding your life pleasure and following your heart are lessons I learned long ago thanks to acdc.

Losing our youthfulness as we age is what shrivels life up into dust! 

Kick up your heels, shake your hips and sing a little. Smile! Have some fun!

Trust in your passions, believe in your dreams!

Connecting love and life and destiny should be everyone’s life purpose.

Love, Life and Acdc!


Author: Fran Robinson

acdc lover

9 thoughts on “Believe in Your Dreams”

  1. Like you, I was transformed after my first show in 1991 when I was only a few rows away from the raw power and magic. AC/DC will never be matched on a lot of levels. Great story Fran!

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  2. Holy shit girl, that is the mother of all tributes. That’s like the validation from hell and you have this writing thing so down pat now its not funny. If you don’t get a publisher to snap you up after that, then more fool them. A+ Fran

    Liked by 1 person

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