There’s just something about AC/DC.

The immortalized 5.

Loved all over the world.

Believed in and worshipped like religion by many.

But there are only a scant few of us instilled with such a faith, love and unbridled passion that we breath, sweat, and cry out for AC/DC in every waking moment.

For us, AC/DC Is the elixir of our lives.

We’ve seen the documentaries about the fanatics made by the fans themselves! Crazy people filming other crazy people, everyone wanting to be the biggest, smartest and funniest. Each striving to shine their star brighter than everyone else, just to prove once and for all who’s the biggest asshole for AC/DC.

But in reality, we are all the same, just big giant assholes madly in love with AC/DC.

Why? What makes a band as seemingly simple as AC/DC do this to people?


Screaming your tits off and sweating your heart out at a concert is one thing. Toying with your own future hearing loss is another.

But what could possibly encourage grown adults to stand there and voluntarily reduce themselves to nothing more than weeping, quivering puddles of exhaustion?

In their own homes!!!

Sure, everyone needs to let their hair down once in awhile. But dripping lust from your soul and pouring every drop of energy you have into your never ending passionate love, every waking moment of your life, is a way of living for a just few of us.

But why?

Good question.

How do they do it? Five tiny dudes who do nothing more than make a little noise. What magnetic attraction is it that AC/DC does actually have?

It’s gotta be more than just those badass riffs and that addicting rhythm.

Magic and mystery? Or are they just lucky?

Is it their teenie tiny legs?

Who the hell knows? Maybe all of those things.

I don’t have the answers to why AC/DC has such an enormous power over us poor gut-wrenched mortals, or how they even sustain the ability to speak in 40 different kinds of rock ‘n roll languages, but I’m sure as hell thankful that they do.

AC/DC is beautiful, kick ass, rock ‘n roll magic.

The fans



Formally introducing—-Love Life and Acdc

After a long 2 years and many ups and downs with my beloved rock band, I am proud to formally introduce Love, Life and Ac/dc.

Those of you who have followed my blog — thank you! Thank you for joining along with me and for all of your awesome support and encouragement. It means more to me than you know.

This has been a lot of fun and a lot of work, and even tho I’m a little bit nervous, I’m super super excited to finally — FINALLY — get to present it to all of you.

Those of you who don’t know me and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about → I love AC/DC and I wrote a hefty ass size book about how much this band is an actual part of my life.

Love, Life and Acdc is my labor of love for Malcolm, Angus, Brian Cliff, Phil and Bon.

Acdc is amazing in so many ways and I want to share my love of them with each and every one of you.

Book News

Hi everyone!!!

Ready for your update on the book I have been slaving away at? I know everyone is absolutely salivating to hear my current news. Haha

Ok. So. As we all know the actual text has been written for years.

What I have been doing the past few months is bit of English 101 grammar corrections. It’s kinda hard to grade your own English paper! Sheesh! There are so many words I had abbreviated and all the slang and F Bombs. Yikes.

Oh! And the latest exciting news is my back cover design is complete. Yay! It rocks man! I’m completely in love with it. Wait till you see it in your hands! It’s so cool!! And BIGGG!

It’s gonna look so good on your coffee tables! Haha (or bathroom beside the john, whichever!)

I’m so excited and I love all the message requests to know more so keep them coming! I love talking about it and poor Jim is sick to death of listening to me.

Rock on friends and stay tuned!

Hey Rockers!

Each day I’m getting closer!!

This book is without a doubt one of the hardest projects I have ever taken on and seeing it come this far is greatly satisfying.

I came pretty close to setting it on fire many times–thankyou Murray for talking me out of it–but I’m glad I forged on, just like I know Mal would have wanted me to do. I’m very proud of it, and myself.

There is not much more I need to do before getting the ink onto the pages!

I gotta say, honestly tho, that proofreading all these words has made me realize I am indeed, a true asshole for acdc, and I cannot believe I let Angus actually read all this embarrassing shit about myself.


I guess it’s too late now to change who I am, so you all may as well know what an asshole I am for acdc too.

Consider yourselves warned.


Watch for the pre-order link soon!!


Isn’t it weird how all of a sudden out of nowhere a thought pops in your head about a person you have not heard from or seen in a long while and suddenly they appear?

It’s always so strange. either you dream about them or you see something that triggers a thought about them. Or hell sometimes they just get in your mind for no reason at all then surprise! there they are. They might call you on phone or you look up, and they are standing right in front of you in the street and you’re staring at them right in the face. It’s a shock!

Crazy how that happens.

I thought of Walter about a week ago. I was just toddlin along one day and then BAM my thoughts go, “I wonder what ever happened to Walter?”

Where does that come from? Just all of a sudden like that. I haven’t talked to Walter in probably three years.

The universe is mighty powerful and I am in awe of its beauty and truly a believer in its strength.

I wrote about some of my weird universal circles in my book as they occurred over time, and later, as I got closer to meeting Angus, I realized these things weren’t just coincidences, and they are just plain spooky. But now that I’m familiar with them, I find them quite comforting.

I tried to explain these crazy universal pushes that happen to me, but it’s hard to fully express the depth and truly phenomenal, if not downright eerie meanings of these moments I have.

I get them, these “moments,” not often but when I do, I take notice.

What exactly do I mean by moments?

I have these weird nudges that always happen to me in regards to my acdc life. I nicknamed them my Bon Moments.

And I seriously had a huge one just happen. Just NOW and it’s 7am in the morning! Freaky!

Oh my. Where do I even start with this? Ok. Well.

Here goes,

A. I’m awaiting a package. This package contains the first of three segments I need to finish the last and final proofreading process before launching my book in March. It essentially is the FINAL leg of my book project. It is to arrive today.

B. Walter

C. Acdc in a brief clip of music on a politics TV morning news channel.

How do these 3 unrelated things signal a Bon moment?

Well. I dunno if I can break it down enough but I will try.

I got my very first smartphone in spring of 2014. I was unaccustomed to any social media and didn’t really know what to do with it at first. I think a TV commercial is what prompted me to go to Twitter, so it was the first social media I signed up for and Walter was the very first Twitter account that followed me.

The very first.

Not long after that I signed up to Instagram. About a week went by and one day I posted a random photo of a guitar and an amp onto my ig feed.

That particular photo? Caught the eye of another complete stranger which just so happened to be Fred, who is the person who eventually convinced me I should share my collection of stories I had written with others.

Long story short – Fred is behind this inspiration and without him none of any of this would be even remotely possible.

And that particular photo was a photo that belonged to Walter. It was of his own guitar and amp (Silly me thought it was a picture of Angus’ guitar, which I quickly learned from Fred, was not.)

So, because of WALTER I met Fred. And because of Fred, I was able to get my book printed and to Angus.

So weirdly enough, I haven’t been on Twitter in a few years so Walter of course fell out of touch.

Then,* poof * outta midair. Today. There he was! Walter found me! Only one week after I randomly just thought of him. He sent me a friend request just this morning. I woke up and saw that in my notification feed and was stupid with excitement.

I messaged him right away of course, and I kid you not, as soon as he responded back to me (and I am not even kidding in the least bit) as soon as I received that first message back from him, on the TV, the politics channel Jim always watches in the morning, as if “on cue” I hear Brian Johnson’s gravelly voice sing one word “Thun dah struhk.” And I hear one second of familiar guitar.

what the…?

It was a clip from Thunderstruck and it queued in right when they were introducing their next guest. I’ve never! ever! heard anything remotely even close to acdc music on any news soundtrack let alone the political news,

And it wasn’t like it was the going to a commercial music, they actually introduced this lady with a clip of acdc, complete with lightning bolts firing across the TV and everything.

My head popped up like a meerkat.

What are the odds on something like that? Really? A trifecta like that? I went back and hit rewind just to see it again.

That’s just pure crazy!

Walter was my link to meeting Fred, and Fred was the link that helped me get my book printed, and now published. And here I am, almost done.

Today of all days is the day Fedex comes with the package. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Or even the day after tomorrow. But today, my first day of the final step to completion.

Like a circle closing.

What I think was especially freaky was the timing of Walter and that song clip. I mean. C’mon!! That’s so strange!! I can’t even!

I dunno. I can’t explain it but as soon as I heard that song on the TV I knew exactly what it was. It was that familiar little wink from the sky.

No. It’s not peculiar at all to me or even coincidental. Without the song, yes, I could call it coincidence, but Walter, being exactly right there, right at THAT moment, in my hand, at that first sentence, with that weird simultaneous timing with the music clip.

On this very day of all days?

Not coincidence.

That exact moment, was what told me it was a Bon moment.

Walter is the one single person who set off this chain reaction to my book being printed and all these connecting pieces along the way. Including getting it into Angus’ hands.

Walter is the genesis of it all.

And now, at the climatic end, he just so happens to show up again, after being gone so long. On the very day that the final leg begins. Thunderstruck indeed.

Bon lives

Wicked Woman Stealer

Ok. So, after getting my ancient worthless-on-the-after-market ipod uninvitedly removed from my vehicles possession, I have been reduced to the little black bedtime ipod with only 3 cds on it for my commute to work.

And what happened today?

Unexpected ecstasy while driving shoulda been my horoscope because Live from Atlantic Studios happened.

Now, I ain’t no stranger to this disc. I’ve heard it numerous times, fair enough, but this was entirely different.

It’s been probably 20 years since I’ve heard this full blast on open speakers while driving (probably for good reason) and I had a damn near religious experience during Rocker.

Nobody was behind me in this left turn lane so I coast to a stop while the light is still green hoping for it to change yellow cuz I know this light, when it turns red, is gonna take just long enough to enjoy this.

And it did turn, with perfect timing, just as Bon stopped singing and the instruments began kicking.

Oh yes. Oh my oh yes.

I closed my eyes and felt myself melting into that all too familiar Malcolm zone and I already know it’s gonna be absolutely spot on level fifteen intense in about 25 seconds.

We all know what Mal looks like when he’s got his eyes closed and his mouth is open and his body is like, hmmm, how do I say? His body is so TIGHT. Like his shoulders are all squeezing up toward his chin and super tense and rigid because he’s giving it all he’s got. But at the same time he looks all loose and easy. His little leg is hammering, hammering, hammering, which is what is shaking his whole entire body. You can see him almost clenching his throat from intensity but his closed eyes and open mouth makes his face look lost in la la land. You can almost practically feel his breath as it pulses from his chest. You can clearly tell he’s so lost in the feel of it, just as you yourself are. And damn. He’s just thrusting that guitar at ya on purpose while pounding that hypnotic rythym out.

So when I closed my own eyes during that particular time, in that moment, feeling his intensity, it’s was just so freakin incredible. It felt like what I know damn good and well he feels –>Phil and Cliff ramming it strait up in there.

Nevermind Angus, this was about that shit right there in the middle. Holy hell it was like I was listening to this song for the very first time! Oh my, what the hell IS this incredible feeling I’m feeling right now listening to this fkn incredible song?!?

Then all of a sudden, outta nowhere, this overwhelming sensation just spread from my back and crawled up my neck and tingled all over my face. Then my head felt floaty and my mouth morphs into that goofy lookin grin thing it does and my inner thighs get all tingly. And then? What the hell? These tears began leaking. I got these wet ass drops of tears squirting out of my eyes while helplessly giggling at the same time! I was a damn mess.


That’s how good my body felt. Brung tears to my eyes good. And I thought, oh wow that was fantastic. Then, uh oh, you’re gonna ruin your mascara. So I opened my eyes up, light still red, took a look in rear view mirror, and whew. Not too bad just a little bit of a mess. Get the tissues and mop it up Fran.

Oh jeez. That feeling is just indescribable!

I know I make a big fuss over Angus but damn, that entire band, when they meld together like that, and I can channel into that zone, they can sure steal this girl pretty damn good.

Goodbye Mal

I got a message this afternoon from Mr E.

He told me he was invited to Mal’s funeral today.

Gave me pause.

Seemed unreal, reading that.

Seeing those words formed together in a sentence.

I just stared at my phone screen.

And in that the next moments that followed I felt kinda like, I dunno. I felt, like whooshhh. This feeling came over me.

It felt sorta like tingly and numb at same time. But good feeling. Warm and fuzzy. Sorta like an arm was around me giving me a comforting little squeeze.

I wanted nothing more than to be by his side. Right then.

He was the closest thing I had to be as close as I could be. And here he was. Right here. Thinking of me.

I can’t even tell you how that felt. Well, yes I can, but I know it sounds stupid, but I felt kinda special.

I watched that clock and when the time came, I did my thing. Said my words out loud to nobody but the air, but I said them anyway as I drove in quiet down the road.

The caliber of greatness that Malcolm Young was can never be matched.


I had dedicated the book to Malcolm when I handed it over to Angus and that’s never gonna change. I meant it when I wrote it on the very first page, and now I mean it even more.

Even tho he’s gone, I take comfort in knowing Angus knows how much I admired him.

For Mal.