Good for the Soul

Ok so. I am finishing the outline on this proposal and I am to the mission statement part. I avoided this section all this time because I have no idea what to put here.
(Funny tho I keep singing Emission Control in my head).
So i been thinkin’,What exactly IS my mission? Do I even have one? 

Then I remembered the link I read yesterday, the one that said “who cares what people think, write what you love.” And then this morning’s text from Colleen when she wrote, “I raise my devil horns to you for opening my heart again to ACDC–the REAL rock n roll. It cures the soul”

And now of course with Chuck Berry and his “Long live rock n roll.
So that’s the trifecta right there! 
Who cares what people think
Do what you love

        It’s good for the soul

                   Long live rock n roll!!!


Still Feels Weird

—-to imagine Angus reading my diary!!!! I mean. Seriously. It feels WEIRD!! I try and imagine his FACE as hes reading my words. Did he laugh? Grimmace? Spit his tea out of his mouth from laughter? What did he wonder? Did he read it while in the shitter? Where does he keep it? Beside his bed? On his coffee table? Did he toss it into the trash?  Ahhh hell i have no damn clue. All i know is it feels strange knowing he KNOWS me!

March 8

The skeleton is coming together for the pain in the ass proposal that I probably WONT need

But its fun nonetheless 

Im not worried about too much perfectness because I ultimately don’t expect anything to come of this but hell I got 3 more books I want to write so at least Im  learning!!

March 7

I think I need a foreword to my book so I’ve  begun drafting that. Fred says people will probly need to be filled in on who/what/why Angus is SO SPECTACULAR 

I cant imagine anyone NOT knowing that!!

Oh man writing about angus is so FUN!!!!

I can write n write n write n write n write