Angus Day

Today is Angus’ birthday!!! It oughta be a damn holiday!! InterNational Angus Day

 No school. 

All the banks closed.

Parades n fireworks n all that shit. 

Every car on the street blasting out power riffs.

All the little children wearing VELVET❤️️

Grandma n grandpa playin acdc videos all damn day. 

All the tribute bands playing festivals all across the land.


Anyway. Yes. TODAY I’m sending out the first of the query letters —gna send out a BIGGG WHOPPINNNG


>>>> 3

Don’t laugh. This shit takes TIME

You can’t Rush Greatness

Oh and I think I’m going to post an entry from my book. And when I do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I Would like some damn feedback. 

Don’t be shy

I want to hear from you!

I know i’m a complete dumbass but lets have some fun!


Catwalk Greatness

Jim givin me the middle finger right now. Literally!!

 I can see him in my peripheral vision.

i’ve been face down on my phone all day plus like every free minute I’ve had for weeeeeeeks working on this proposal so I take a break and we are sittin here watchin a movie. The Croods. Ok so bonding time I suppose. 

Easy mindless fun entertainment —

until I got a link sent to me and its


Angus on the runway in Chicago!!!



Do I click play???

Or do I continue to bond with Jim?


Certainly I can watch angus undetected while I sit here n watch movie


Well he’s givin me the finger isn’t he? RIGHT!  So what’s that tell ya? Yes! Because no. I canNOT not watch Angus while watching a movie.

Anyway so I’m gonna go head and write about THAT VIDEO


First of all. It was Angus on the catwalk on his way to the riser so it was obviously the beginning of his routine ltbr solo

But this was far from routine

Cuz you can obviously tell just by looking at him that he knows he’s gonna be with me at my concert very soon. Perhaps he even thinks maybe I’m at this show?

Huh? HuH ? Haha maybe mayBE!! 

Oh yeah!

You can tell how frickin flippin excited he IS. Just by looking at him!

He’s got light blue shorts on and he’s dancing. Doin all these moves up there. I’m tryin to be smooth ya know, I am sittin up strait, got my feet crossed and both hands closed and I’m lookin RIGHT AT the tv. The movie. And first its the feet. You know the feet are wigglin together. And then I am realizing what I’m doing because my laced hands now have the fingers tappin 

Ok fran knock it off before jim notices!

Uh oh. My eyes. I can’t stop looking at my phone as its resting on the arm of my chair. I try not to look at it. But my eyes. Just keep going there then my shit grin starts. That grin you get on your face and it appears  for what on the outside looks like a grin for no reason but in reality its an angus-watchin-in-secret shit grin. 

Because he’s just so damn amazing!!! Just watching him play!!!

And then in my background brain I hear his voice talking in that video I watched the other day. His thank you video he made at end of the tour and I hear his voice saying “It’s all I know. It’s my whole life” at same time I’m watching him !!!!!!

Hearts in my eyes.

And then I reminisce how excited I was to see the show back then and I’m looking at him and I realize that little bastard looks happy as shit and it apparently looks as if he’s also counting the days down till FRAN


Well the video ended and of course because like all things acdc you gotta hit the damn repeat button cuz once ain’t never enough.

Second viewing is where now I notice the arms thrusting up and these out stretched hands and I know these people are witnessing greatness right before their eyes and how truly loved he is!!!! Everyone!!! How can there be even one person there that night not entranced by this amazing man? I got all weird like and goosebumps broke out on my arms


Kinda puts me right back at where I left off on my proposal and the greatness of Angus that will last for decades.
Ok well I better stop daydreaming about acdc and go finish my paper. 

YouTube Link Ltbr Chicago

YouTube Link Click

Holy Shit!!!!

I HAD AN INFKNGTENSE episode with She’s Got Balls today!!!! Holy shit!!!!

I left for work today and when I started the truck up Little Lover queued up. ——ahhhhhh—-how wonderful n nice was that?? Yeah??? That’s what I thought until I turned onto Summit and all of a sudden
She’s Got Balls fired up!!!

Yikes!!! It got me!!! Got me good!!!!

Ahhhh that guitar. Geez Mal. Ooohhhh he just 
They just. It just

It just got me. 

It was quiet. Empty road. The window cracked a little bit so a nice breeze coming in. Malcolm was giving me all of his glorious rhythmic wonder. It was hypnotic and relaxing and invigorating and sexy and calming and motivating and arousing all at the same time! It was incredible!!!
The acoustics ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Plus no distractions from traffic. Just pure uninterrupted splendor.

Malcolm and Mark

I got both knees goin–one for each.

Then Phil attaches himself to me up top.






He just

Gets me

Ya know?

Then Bon

He’s all 



A man

And he’s just layin it out

Hannnds n kneees

All across the floor

No one has to tell her what a feller is forrrrr!!!!

Then all of em!!! All of their voices pipe in together and mix with that beautiful incredible sound and

My ladys got

She’s got ballllllls

Lemme tell ya

She’s got balllllls

But mossst important of allllll

She’s got balllllls

Ahhhh oh man!!!! It was SO INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

Super weird tho cuz i posted this song the other day on my fb feed cuz i just happened to think of the song as we were sitting there watching tv. 
Then BAM 

There it was!!

Saturday, March 25

Good for the Soul

Ok so. I am finishing the outline on this proposal and I am to the mission statement part. I avoided this section all this time because I have no idea what to put here.
(Funny tho I keep singing Emission Control in my head).
So i been thinkin’,What exactly IS my mission? Do I even have one? 

Then I remembered the link I read yesterday, the one that said “who cares what people think, write what you love.” And then this morning’s text from Colleen when she wrote, “I raise my devil horns to you for opening my heart again to ACDC–the REAL rock n roll. It cures the soul”

And now of course with Chuck Berry and his “Long live rock n roll.
So that’s the trifecta right there! 
Who cares what people think
Do what you love

        It’s good for the soul

                   Long live rock n roll!!!

Still Feels Weird

—-to imagine Angus reading my diary!!!! I mean. Seriously. It feels WEIRD!! I try and imagine his FACE as hes reading my words. Did he laugh? Grimmace? Spit his tea out of his mouth from laughter? What did he wonder? Did he read it while in the shitter? Where does he keep it? Beside his bed? On his coffee table? Did he toss it into the trash?  Ahhh hell i have no damn clue. All i know is it feels strange knowing he KNOWS me!