Its been a fast week n a half!!! Yes. The proposal is still not finished however, you cant rush greatness 


March 8

The skeleton is coming together for the pain in the ass proposal that I probably WONT need

But its fun nonetheless 

Im not worried about too much perfectness because I ultimately don’t expect anything to come of this but hell I got 3 more books I want to write so at least Im  learning!!

March 7

I think I need a foreword to my book so I’ve  begun drafting that. Fred says people will probly need to be filled in on who/what/why Angus is SO SPECTACULAR 

I cant imagine anyone NOT knowing that!!

Oh man writing about angus is so FUN!!!!

I can write n write n write n write n write

March 5

I was up until 230am writing the overview. I just cant wrap my head around it cuz this book aint really a book ya know? How the hell i classify this thing? 

I spoke to Murray in the wee hiurs of the morning. He suggested a new title page….. says he likes the Grandma angle

Virginia Woolfe

So in my title research i stumbled onto the diaries of Virginia woolfe. 

I read about 6 pages of these and im sorry. But virginia aint real exciting 

I think i seen a tab to click to get the ole college discount. Whats that mean?? They reading that drivel in college AS a study course??? Yikes

The universities will be adopting MY book as part of that “acdc advanced “college course they will be incorporating into study and Love Life n ACDC will be a reading requirement